Phusion Media helps businesses of all shapes and sizes to make the best use of digital and social marketing to grow their reach, connect with their target market and develop a healthy flow of leads and customers.

Who is this guy?

My name is Nick Lotter. A husband, father, church elder, regional manager, entrepreneur and owner of Phusion Media.

PHUSIONMEDIA exists to help business owners to take advantage of the incredible opportunities that the internet era has to offer.

Right now, digital marketing and social media in particular offers entrepreneurs and companies the opportunity of a lifetime to get the attention of their market without spending a fortune in advertising costs.

I help businesses by working with them to identify their unique opportunities and to develop a comprehensive strategy to grow their customer base, at a low cost per lead and high ROI.

Our Values


We want to build meaningful relationships with our clients and deliver real value.


We value our clients’ integrity and never use questionable methods, bots or shortcuts.


We value our integrity above all, maintaining the highest standards in everything we do.


We listen to our clients to deliver according to their needs, and are always available.


We earn the trust of our clients by practicing a policy of honesty and transparency.


We always go all in on every project we take on. We don’t rest until we have won.


We uphold high standards of professionalism and quality, always working to improve.


We not only want to give value to our clients, but to our community and fellow citizens.