Digital Consulting


... of all digital media minutes are spent on smartphones


... of millenials say social media helps them decide what to buy.

The mission of PHUSIONMEDIA is to help entrepreneurs, business owners and sales managers to leverage the power of digital marketing and social media to grow their reach, connect with their market and build a healthy pipeline of leads and customers.

We understand that you have many balls in the air and can’t be expected to master them all. Our consulting service is all about helping you to take advantage of the massive opportunities that social media and digital technology has to offer – opportunities that you are missing right now.

Look around you. At the red traffic light. In the restaurant or pub. During TV commercials. What do you see? People looking down at their phone screens. Social media has our attention for hours every day. We help businesses to take advantage of this cultural phenomenon to exponentially grow their brand and reach.

1. Our digital consulting service begins with a free consultation to discuss your business and your goals. We will conduct a brief audit of your digital footprint and marketing activities, identifying opportunities for growth.

2. Once we begin working with you, we will get to work identifying and understanding your target market and ideal client – their passions, problems, desires, habits, etc. and where they can be found.

3. We research your niche market and competitors, analyzing the most important topics, keywords and platforms to target.

4. Armed with this information, we formulate a custom digital strategy and action plan tailor-made for you. We cover everything from your website to content creation, social media profiles and posting calendars, email marketing, push notifications, paid advertising campaigns, follower growth campaigns and influencer marketing. It is important to note that we value AUTHENTICITY and so should you – that is, we would never advise you to use bots, spammy tactics or shortcuts to get quick but short-lived gains.

5. The plan is put into action. The extent of our involvement is up to you – you can follow our action plan and execute the steps yourself, or you can get us to do it all for you.

6. You’ve got to roll with the punches. The beauty of digital marketing and social advertising is that we can provide you with real-time analytics and statistics that tell you exactly what is working, what is not, and what your ROI is. We use this information to fine-tune where needed, pull back and what isn’t working and scale up where we are achieving the best results.

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Web Design


... of consumers say they won't return to a brand after a poor mobile website experience.

In a world where the vast majority of people are accessing the internet and searching for products and services on their smartphones, it never ceases to amaze us that the majority of companies – especially SMME’s and local businesses – still do not have an up to date website. Frustratingly, many who do have a website, do not have one that works on mobile phones.

PHUSIONMEDIA specializes in building professional responsive websites that are designed to showcase your brand and convert visitors into customers.

Our websites are responsive, which means that they are not only compatible with smartphone devices, but designed for them. With 70% of all digital media minutes being spent on smartphones and 60% of consumers saying that they were unlikely to return to a business that had a poor performing mobile website, it is absolutely a necessity for your business.

Our websites will work well and look superb on all devices, automatically adapting to the type of device accessing them (test this out by viewing this website on your laptop, tablet and smartphone). Keeping up to date with internet technology, our websites are professional, functional, secure, and custom designed to achieve your objectives.

We have web design options for every need. Enquire about our affordable pre-built designs for niche companies, or speak to us about a custom build.


Phusion Media gave us a complete package with our web design. Nick provided us with professional service on our deadlines at a very fair rate. I can't say enough of the value Phusion Media has added to our business. Highly recommended to both small and big businesses."

Ross Penniall - Managing Director, ThoroughFair


Is Your Website Mobile Responsive?

Need a new website, or have an old one that needs to be brought in line with the times?

Social Media Marketing


... of internet users say they use social media to look for new products.


... of women surveyed say they consult social media before buying.

98% of internet users are active on social media. The result of this phenomenon that is still in its infancy is that it provides companies such as yours the most underpriced marketing opportunity of our era.

The power and impact of social media has forced companies and marketing teams to rethink and recalibrate their entire approach to marketing. While traditional marketing channels can still provide value, the reality of 2020 is that if your comapny is not active and dominating on social media, you are basically becoming irrelevant.

What difference would it make to your business if you could harness the attention of social media and channel thousands of leads to your business?

PHUSIONMEDIA can work with you to identify the key social media platforms where your target audience “lives”, and set up optimized and branded profiles. We can provide you with a content strategy and calendar for you to manage on your own, or we can manage your profiles for you, engaging authentically with your community and building relationships by providing value and presenting your brand and products professionally.

We emphasize AUTHENTICITY in our work as one of our core values. There are many services and agencies who use outsourced gigs and auto-posting bots to automate social media posting and gain thousands of followers fast, but these put your your accounts at risk and are not effective for converting followers into customers. We never use automated tools, and always engage personally and organically with your community.

Platforms we work with include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok and YouTube.

Lead Generating Ad Campaigns


... of Facebook users are high income earners.


... of B2C marketers say Facebook is their most important social advertising channel.

businesses are using Facebook ads to reach their target audiences.

Few local businesses and even big brands have realised the massive potential of running paid advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

With paid advertising campaigns on these social media platforms, you can target your prospects according to their profession, location, age, gender, interests, hobbies, education and a host of other metrics, which means you can make sure your advertisements are being seen by the exact people who are interested in your products and services.

This makes paid advertising campaigns on social media platforms highly effective for generating a lot of leads very quickly at a low cost with a high ROI…

… and it is highly measurable.

Not only does paid social media advertising place your advert in a space which has the attention of your prospects 24 hours a day, 7 days a week… it also allows you to see how many people have seen your avdert, how many of them clicked your link, and how many converted into customers.

The potential for this is so outrageous that entire companies have been launched and rocketed to massive success through this method of advertising alone.

You already (at least, you should) have an advertising budget. Why not channel it towards this incredible opportunity to grow your reach exponentially at such a low cost?

Ask Phusion Media how we can help you to set up and manage social media advertising campaigns for your business.

Graphic Design | Video | Photo

You cannot be effective on digital media without attractive and compelling creative media. PHUSIONMEDIA provides professional graphic design, photography and videography services to complete our offering and give you a comprehensive digital marketing service.

Services include product and event photography, videography, logo design, brochures, graphics for social media and more.

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