Work smarter and position your company where the attention is.

Here’s what I mean. As an entrepreneur running a small to medium sized business (even a large one), you are programmed by history & habit to advertise in the traditional way:

  • Newspaper adverts
  • Magazine adverts
  • Flyers and posters
  • Sign boards and billboards
  • Radio adverts and TV adverts
  • Yellow pages and business directories

If you are focusing on these channels to market your business and advertise your services, you are losing customers, because your competitors are taking them from you.

I’m not saying that the above methods of advertising don’t work. They do. What I am saying, is that if you are using these methods ONLY, or spending the bulk of your budget on them, you are missing out on a MASSIVE marketing opportunity, and if your competitors are taking advantage of it, you are losing out – big time.

Greatest Marketing Opportunity of our Time?

SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGFor a moment, imagine yourself in your car in the usual morning traffic. The light turns red and you idle while waiting for the light to change. As you look around you at the other idle cars, what are the drivers and passengers doing?Are they looking around and studying the billboards and signs? More than likely, they’re actually taking the opportunity to have a quick glance at their phones. You’ve done this before, haven’t you?

Now think about your TV habits. Most of us are watching some kind of satellite TV, and most use a PVR decoder to replay recorded sports events and series. What do you do when an advert comes on? Do you even remember which ads you saw yesterday? Or do you forward past them on your recording, or scroll through social media on your phone until the adverts are finished?

I remember when the only place we could find a plumber, electrician, handyman, glass supplier, bed & breakfast, etc. was to look one up in the phone book. Do you still do that? Or do you pick up your phone and do a quick search for one near you? Or maybe, ask on Facebook for a recommendation?

Now think back to the last time you were in a restaurant. How many of the people sitting around you were actually engaging exclusively with each other, and how many were looking at their phones? How many times did they pick up their phones while they were there?

The point I am making is that things have changed, and the focus of our attention has changed. Our phones are taking over our lives, and we spend hours every day on social media without even realizing it.

Can you see the amazing opportunity?

Since most of the attention of the public – and your target market – is on social media, doesn’t it only make business sense to position your brand and business in order to be found where the attention already is?

Why re-invent the wheel?

[Tweet “How many of the people sitting around you in the restaurant were actually engaging exclusively with each other, and how many were looking at their phones?”]

The way people search for products and services has shifted. If you don’t adapt, you are going to be in real trouble, real soon.

Some have even said that if your business is not positioned to take advantage of social media, your business is becoming irrelevant.

Some amazing statistics

Here are just some of the recent marketing statistics from research conducted by marketing companies such as Hubspot and Social Sprout, among others:

  • 98% of internet users are active on social media
  • 77% of those them use social media to search for new products, services and suppliers.
  • Even people older than 65 are turning to social media – 94% of those surveyed said they use at least one social media channel
  • 81% of consumers conduct online research before making a big purchase
  • 86% of women say they consult social media before making a purchase
  • 16 – 24 year olds spend on average 3 hours per day on social media
  • 1.6 billion people are connected to small businesses on Facebook
  • People and businesses exchange 10 billion messages per day
  • Consumption of content on Facebook has increased 57% since 2016
  • social media for business200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile per day
  • 80% of Instagram users (500 million total active users per day) follow at least one business
  • Instagram is seeing a 220% increase on ad spend on stories year on year
  • Content consumption on LinkedIn has increased 21% since 2016
  • 85% of small businesses surveyed said that Twitter is one of their most important channels for customer service
  • 81% of millenials check Twitter at least once per day
  • Snapchat has growing at a massive rate, with 187 million active users per day
  • Snapchat users watch 10 billion videos per day and share 9000 photos per second
  • 80% of millenials say that Pinterest helps them to decide what to buy
  • On average, traffic that comes to a website from Pinterest spends double than those who came to a website from another source

And here are some extra thoughts for you to consider:

  • 70% of all digital media minutes are spent on mobile phones and tablets
  • 60% of consumers say that they are unlikely to return to or purchase from a brand after a bad mobile website experience

The Takeaway

The tide has changed, and your ways of marketing your business has to adapt. The good news is that those who adapt fast will be able to make giant strides to grow their business and client base extremely fast.

[Tweet “86% of women say they consult social media before making a purchase.”]

Is your business on social media? Are you actively engaging with your audience and growing your following? Are you posting the right content, at the right times? Are you annoying them by being too “salesly”?

Do you have a website? Is it mobile friendly – in fact, is it mobile optimized? Is your website just an information page, or is it optimized to work as a 24 hour sales machine, converting visitors into customers?

social media marketing for small businessesAre you able to measure the impact of your traditional advertising methods? Our social media marketing service provides constant and live reporting on who saw your advert / posts, their age, demographic, interests and more. We can tell you how many views each post received, how many clicked on it, how much your following has grown, and the conversion rate of every post. We can show you the exact ROI of our work.

Phusion Media offers free tips and advice to businesses so that they can use social media and digital marketing effectively to grow their brand and their business.

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